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Journey's philosophy is to focus on learning through exploration and student initiated curriculum. We are committed to provide a positive and enriching environment for every child.


Infant Experiences :

  • Literacy Rich Environment

  • Sensory Experiences

  • Low Ratios

  • Early Math and Science through Block Play

  • Building Communication Skills with ASL

Infant Curriculum:

In our Nursery, we provide our infants with learning opportunities to help them achieve their individual milestones. We intentionally design the environment to provide endless learning opportunities through exploration and play. 

Toddler Curriculum:

Our toddler classrooms are designed to enhance emerging skills and build knowledge through group play and self-discovery. Our students experience a full preschool curriculum that is personalized to their interests and development.

Toddler Experiences:

  • Individualized Lesson Planning

  • Early Literacy Practice

  • Low Ratios to Assist in Potty Training

  • "Learning Provocations"

  • Hands-On Experiences


Preschool Curriculum:

In our preschool classrooms, we work to build a strong platform that will support children through their entire education.  Our curriculum targets each child's interest while instilling a love for learning and developing their emerging skills.

Preschool Experiences:

  • "Learning Provocations"

  • Intentional Curriculum

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • "Kindergarten Readiness" Preparation

  • Cultural Exploration

  • Guest Speakers and Field Trips

Guest Speakers and Experiences:



We utilize guest speakers to add variety to the knowledge our children gain while in our program and build their understanding of unique concepts.  We have visits from Radical Rick (the Science Guy), the Spokane Fire Department, a NASA Astronaut, Interns from Gonzaga University and Eastern Washington University, Spokane Librarians, the Ice Cream Truck, local businesses like a My Fresh Basket's nutrition expert and many other professionals from our community.  

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