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Why Work For Us?

At Journey

We are not only passionate about bettering the Early Childhood Education field, but we strive to provide a positive and bettering work place for all Early Childhood Professionals. We create strong relationships in our community and participate in many Early Childhood advancement opportunities to provide career advancement for our teachers. We also create an environment at Journey that allows our employees to grow, learn, create and expand their knowledge of Early Childhood Education.

We Offer:

  • Medical and Dental Healthcare Benefits

  • Weekly Collaborative Meetings

  • Scholarship Opportunities

  • Professional Training Opportunities

  • Paid Vacation Time

Child Care Aware of Washington Staff Scholarship

We participate in the Washington's Quality Rating and Improvement System program called Early Achievers. In addition to providing continuous improvements throughout our program and being able to collaborate with other Washington State Early Childhood facilities, one of our biggest reasons for participating in the Early Achievers Program is to be able to offer our employees with this particular scholarship. Since we rated high on the Early Achievers rating scale, we are able to offer an opportunity at this scholarship that includes:

  • Up to $9,000/year towards tuition costs

  • Up to $500/year towards books

  • Bachelor's Degree/Associates Degree/Stackable Certificates Options

* This scholarship can be applied to any Washington State Academic Institution *

Partnerships To Advance Early Childhood Education

The owner's of Journey are passionate about engaging with community members to bring awareness to the importance of Early Childhood Education.  Nicole is currently serving on GSI's board of trustees's and meets with GSI representatives often to work on Early Education issues and topics that effect families in Washington state and the US.  Nicole is also partnering with the Department of Children Youth and Families to re-write our current licensing regulations along side other members of the Early Childhood field.  One of our goals is to create access for every child in Washington state to high quality early learning and also make it affordable to every family.

If you are interested in working with us, please email us a copy of your resume to

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