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Parent Testimonials

Journey has been a special place for our family. During our son's 2+ years at Journey we have always felt that he was safe, loved and uniquely cared for. I love that every time we walk in there they are excited to share something he has been doing or just a fun moment from the day. I am always blown away by the activities they do with the kids and all of the things he has already been able to experience. The art, music, inquiry and exploration are all now foundational to who he is and how he is starting to see the world. There is no better investment than finding a place that will partner with you in loving and nurturing your child. We are so glad we found Journey and would recommend it to anyone.

- The Franklin Family

We are so happy to see the many ways in which our son and daughter feel at home at Journey. We have had our oldest in several schools, trying to find the one that would challenge him while providing consistency and parameters. At the previous schools, picking him up felt like rescuing him from barely-controlled chaos. Here at Journey, pick-up time means that both our son and daughter get to show us with pride what they are working on, what they've accomplished or learned that day. They are always engaged in something meaningful when we arrive. It helps that there is little turnover with teachers and all teachers maintain relationships with children even as they move through the different classrooms. We even have parent-teacher conferences at which parents can see just how intentionally teachers attend to the development and well-being of the children in their care! 

- Jessica and Kyle West

Our son started at Journey when he was 5 months old. Since the very first day, the teachers made us feel so confident in the care he was receiving. They eased my "new mom worries" by texting me pictures throughout the day and welcomed my daily lunch hour visits to feed and cuddle our babe! Now that he is in the toddler classroom, it's remarkable how quickly he is learning every day. We have people tell us all the time how amazed they are that he knows the things he knows at just 18 months old (sign language, colors, numbers, etc).. I always respond with: "We can't even take credit! His teachers are amazing!!" ;)


- The Jesberger Family

Cannot say enough good things! Our Ruthie needs a lot and they go above and beyond. Always feel supported and relieved knowing my girls are in the best hands.

- Mary and Jay McDirmid

We have two children that have been fortunate enough to attend Journey. One went birth through Pre-K and the other is still in the toddler room. We considered quite a few childcare centers and Journey was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. The biggest difference is that they truly care about each child and each family; it’s not a one size fits all approach and our boys weren’t just extra headcount on a roster. The teachers and owners have worked with us on medications, potty training, and other random special issues that have popped up over the years. The teachers have been loving and helped guide the development of our boys like an extension of our family. Our oldest was extremely prepared for Kindergarten last year and our youngest participates in the coolest experiences and hands on learning projects every week. We would not consider any other option and feel truly lucky that our boys have had the love and support of such a great school. 


- The Walker Family

We have loved our experience at Journey Discovery Center. It is such an incredible gift to entrust our two boys to this team of bright, talented, and fun teachers who truly have our children's best interests in mind. They are challenged to try new things and learn in a fun, enriching and thoughtfully designed environment. We are so grateful to the Journey team! 


- The Lyman Family

I was very hesitant about choosing a childcare option for my daughter, with mixed opinions from previous experiences. From the moment I stepped into Journey Discovery Center, it just felt right. The staff, programs, schedules, and nutrition options for the children continue to exceed my expectations. If that isn't enough, simply walking into the center I can feel the joy of the children that attend and know they are well taken care of.  There is nothing more comforting than knowing I am leaving my daughter in a center I can truly trust. Thank you Journey Discovery Center for everything you do! 

- Amanda Stam

We couldn't be happier that our 7-month-old daughter is in the Nursery at Journey!  The Nursery teachers are extremely attentive to the individual needs of each child, and we get a detailed report of our daughter's day at pick-up.  The babies get to participate in such fun activities (bubbles, finger painting, outdoor play, and more), plus we get to see cute photos of our daughter each week.  We're so glad we chose Journey for our family because it is such a caring, stimulating, and educational environment for our daughter, even at such a young age.

- Sarah and Jeff Cochran

We have been part of the Journey Discovery Center family for about seven years, with both of our kids beginning in the nursery, then growing and learning their way to Pre-K. The directors do a phenomenal job of creating a safe, enriching, welcoming environment that has always left us feeling completely comfortable leaving our kids each day. Having Journey in our lives has enabled my husband and I to balance our careers and family, while developing lasting relationships with teachers and friends our kids will always remember. Everyone at Journey has cared for our children like they were their own, nurturing their individual spirits and encouraging learning in a positive way. Watching our daughter move on to kindergarten with such excitement showed how much confidence she built during her years at Journey. We are beyond grateful for this experience and what it has brought our family, and if we could do these early years over again, we would choose Journey again in a heartbeat. 

- The Martin Family

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