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Early Learning Advocacy

Every child and family deserves the opportunity to access affordable high quality early learning. We have been and will be participating in many advocacy pushes to help Washington State develop sustainable and robust support for our industry. If you are interested in what we are current working on, visit, a website created by our Journey team to provide a space to contact your State representatives and see what is currently being talked about in our State Legislature.


Our goals:

Increase in state subsidy reimbursement rate:

  • Allow every child access to high quality early learning to better prepare for kindergarten and cover the cost of quality.

Fund the Career and Wage Ladder:

  • The Career and Wage Ladder will be a step toward supporting early learning professionals while reducing costs through state dollars paid directly to teachers for education and experience.  

  • If funded, this would be a great first step to reduce the largest expense paid by early learning employers may result in lower child care tuition costs.

State-Level Advocacy

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