2021-22 Snow Policy

Journey has always followed Spokane Schools with their snow closure days, so if Spokane Public Schools are closed then Journey will also be closed. 


Journey will not follow a late start or 2-hour delay when the Spokane Schools are delayed. Our open time will remain 6:30am, but our policy will be the following: 

  • Our teachers will take their time to get to school safely, knowing that families will be doing the same- if a 6:30am opening teacher is delayed due to the snow, we will ask that early families be patient while awaiting their arrival. 

  • As the morning progresses, if we have more children here than we have teachers to meet our state-ratios, we will ask parents to wait until another teacher arrives.  

  • We will continue to close if Spokane Schools are closed for the day, or if the mayor or governor (or any other regulatory agency) advises that it is best to do so. 


We will alert you of a snow closure by doing the following: 

  • Report to KHQ, KREM and KXLY of our school closure. 

  • Email 

  • Brightwheel